The guide to saftey and insurance of snowboarding.
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So you want to learn snowboarding, huh?

Some reasons why you must read this BEFORE you begin.  

We perfectly understand why you want to learn snowboarding, it is a very stylish form of entertainment. Maybe you’ve heard it from your friends or a stumbling snowboarder wowed on TV, but yes, snowboarding is popular enough to already be a Winter Olympic Sports since 1998.  

It’s all excitement, entertainment and exhilaration as snowboarders descend on a snow-covered mountain on a snowboard – it’s skiing with the adrenaline rush of surfing and skateboarding.  

But did you know besides entertainment, it’s a serious sport that you need to prepare for too?

Snowboarding Entertainment

Developed in the 1960s and 1970s, snowboarding is actually a high velocity sport with serious chances of injuring you if you aren’t careful.  

When it started out the snowboards were banned in almost all ski areas in the United States. In fact, in 1985, only seven percent of ski places in the United States allowed snowboarding. (Europe had a similar figure too.) 

Now you can see snowboarding being featured in the entertainment movies. This is probably because snowboards, unlike in the past, are not anymore that difficult to maneuver. Safety has become paramount too and you won’t ever see a snowboarder not wearing protective gear.  

If you are snowboarding, the body parts that are most prone to injury are your: head, wrists, ankles, knee ligaments, and tailbone … but especially your wrists since you’ll mostly likely land on all fours. Do make sure you are wearing a helmet, wrist guards, snowboard pants, well-fitted snowboard boots, and goggles before any action. For your other and foldable body parts like you spine, shoulders, hips, and knees, put on a special armor.  

It is always better to snowboard with a group. In the Alps there are plenty of tree wells which are dangerous areas of loose snow at the base of trees. But if you want to go at it alone, you can do so. Just be extra careful though with your snowboarding entertainment.  

Having proper entertainment insurance coverage is vital for your safety in the case of an accident. Entertainment insurance policies are created specially for snowboarders and not like the regular cheap health insurance plans you find all over the place.

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